15 January 2011

naper saya stress??

naper...naper...naper saya stress..

saya stress sebab saya x tau naper saya stress..

biler saya x tau naper saya stress, saya bertambah stress memikirkan punca stress saya..

saya xnak citer kat member saya yang saya stress, takot dorang pon stress dengar citer yang saya ngah stress...nak2 plak, saya x tau punca saya stress..

boyfie saya pon da naik stress dengar masalah stress saya nie...

saya x citer kat mak abah saya yang saya stress...sebab saya bukan anak yang citer masalah kat parents dia...

bila saya stress, saya akan post banyak entry kat blog saya nie...

harap2 kamu2 yang baca entry ni x stress k..mungkin esok lusa saya da x stress..huhuhu

ok saya rasa saya tau naper saya stress..(pulak dah...tadi cakap x tau..)

  • form monday till friday, my class start from 8 am till 6 pm...can u imagine that? but i dont mind coz i deserved it..main2 last sem kan..amik ko..

  • then i think maybe because i've got lots of projects to do but thanx God that i've friends to do that coz all of it are projects in group..

  • i have to do a project in NETWORK DESIGN subject, to create a simple home network and the DATA COMMUNICATION which is to set up a pc as a router..

  • I've got to do my FYP which is just a proposal for this sem but still, i have to do a biiiiiggggggg project like what MARK ZUCKERBERG did...a community we capable of doing that?? we can...we're NETCENTRIC COMPUTING students..(zack, cam bangga je ayat ko nie...hahaha...x la...sedapkan ati jer..='(
  • there's also a mini project for WEB ENGINEERING subject to develope a simple system for cybersecurity malaysia..a system that will generate a report in PDF based on the data that will be given..

  • in TECHNOLOGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP, i've to think of a product, new product that can give a benefit in our life...have no idea about it yet...sigh~

  • well...its all about stress because of my study but i will never ever give up no matter what...i now who i am n what's my limit, i meant, what im capable of doing..

so...any advice for me?? thanx for your time reading my problems...:)

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