27 April 2011

just a quick post~

i am soooooooooooooooooo busy that now i only got a chance to make a quick post for my lovely, bloody but cuty blog...LOL

yela tu busy..padahal tadi ko sempat tengok movie sambil study kan...what the HECK..LOL

i'll tell u guys about the movies that i watched in STUDY WEEK in the upcoming post okeyh..

hey..we cant just force ourself to "sentiasa mengadap buku 24 jam" kan....kan.....

study smart....never study hard...ok?

so how? manage your time wisely..

wake up on 10 am (6.30 am for solat subuh, of course)

clean yourself, your face, your

so it will be untill 10.30 then start your study then, with a cup of coffee..make a french toast for your breakfast..(atau roti telur lam bahasa melayu..=P )

by noon, u have to stop at 1 pm...make your lunch, your solat zohor n rest awhile untill 2 pm or 2.30 pm..

continue your study untill 4.30 pm..dont forget your solat asar..

then by 5 pm....time for movies!!! watch some hilarious,comedy, romantic or any genre that u like the most..u dont have any movies? ask your friend...or ask me..LOL

then stop on 7.30, your solat maghrib!!! read Qoran..make dinner...

by 8.30 or 9 pm start your study after solat isyak..

finished your study on 4 am or 4.30..dont worry..u will wake up on 6.30 for your subuh n sleep back n wake up again on 10 am..well..u got an enough sleep..

thats all..

p/s its just a schedule..someone will think its a good idea n someone will say its matter..thats what i did..LOL..have a great study week n do your best for your parents...