22 December 2012

Upside Down


i cant wait to write about this upcoming movie that actually, the movie that im watching right now...even though its still not release in Malaysia yet until this 27 december but i managed to download it through la loadz0om, banyak movie baru ley donlot kat the way, i just can show u the poster of this movie....i really2 love its idea on how we can handle when up there, in the sky was actually have another world called trans-world i think...its a beautiful movie...malaysian, u should watch it next week!! its a love story about two person in  two different world that love each other..tapi agak pening sikit citer ni...maybe sebab

i love this movie like i love these two movies..

k lah nak sambung tgk upside down and nak tengok the new movie by tim burton!!


eh...lain lak bunyinye...(kalo sebut bay cam kau sebut danga bay)


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