31 December 2012

Last day of 2012


ramai kan yang tulis about their last day of 2012 on their here i am, gonna do the same..

im not going to review back all things that happened through all this year...i just dont wanna remember all!! kenapa pulak?? tanak! http://www.emocutez.comfor me, taon ni yang paling teruk coz macam2 dugaan...ya aku tau itu hanya dugaan untuk aku but macam punishment gak for main2, extend setahon kau...

im 25 years old and tomorrow im gonna be 26...Alhamdulillah aku dah harungi 2012...dapat ke aku tempuh 2013?? sempat ke aku rasa the last day of 2013 plak?...Hurmmm takot pulak bila pikir...

im trying to be a better person day by day and i need my family, friends, him, to support glad that i dont have any enemy, not that i can think of and not that i know, but i hope none...huhu

so guys congrats for what happened to you guys through all this years   (if it was a g0od news) and dont feel so dissapointed when u don't have what u targeted in the earlier of the year (Excuse my grammar, im trying here)

well i guess, till here then...have fun with your families and friends and your loved happily..bak kata omputeh, live life to the fullest~~~

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