24 October 2011

the best weekend~~'s the story, I've spent a very2 fantastic bombastic romantic n segala tic2 last weekend..hoho

one of the most important thing in a relationship, i would say, SACRIFICE..we sacrifice something to the one that we love...but not in the negative way....negative way?? conthnyer, u sleep with ur bf n u said that you're sacrifice for him....

what i've been sacrificed?, i came a long way to Kuantan to meet him when im studying in shah alam..just to celebrate his birthday...and the best thing is, he's not the only one who got presents from me, i got something from him t0o!!! LOL...birthday boy pon kena bg hadiah...thats our style..we let ourselves happy with each other n we trying to make our relationship as interesting as we can~~

glad that the baju match him well!!

so i bought a cake for him at shah alam n i really2 took care of it like i care my body from being touch by hours in a bus, the cake still l0ok fantastic (its a choclate moist cake berbentuk love..huhu n bersaiz comel sudah memadai) the time i arrived at the bus station n waiting for him to fetch me, someone( a makcik) sangat selesa n seronok berjalan sambil goyang2 tangan dia n tuupp....the cake y beta jaga sepenuh hati n bagai menantang minyak y penuh n melimpah terbalik dengan gembiranya n makcik tu just said..oppss sory hati, adoi makcik, jalan x boley x goyang tangan lebey2 ke..huhu)

nasib baik la my juan x marah pon kek tu terpenyek....x pasal2 beta kena citer camne bentuk n rupa kek tu before terbalik but im sooo terharu bila dia still nak snap pic kek tu walau rupa da macam pe...hihihi...

that night, melantak abis2an...huhu..lapo punye pasal..

tomyam campur, sotong goreng tepung, ikan kembong bakar,ikan siakap 3 rasa

last2 x abis gak...tu la...order cam 5 owg nk mkn..huhu k dah...da maghrib da~~ papai~~

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