21 September 2010

love u

love u...

when you get so lonely, so sad, miserable, feeling down, and you have no one to talk to,
you have ALLAH, FAMILY and your loved one..

abah & mak..
i know that you will never read this but i wanna say sorry if i'm not a good daughter for you, i may not be like you want me to be but both of you are so proud of me that make me afraid to let you down..
i would not let you down..i would not..
im glad that i had a chance to say these things to you last raya..
thanx mak and abah for everything..
thanx for not bored when listening to my problems, when im crying out loud on the phone..
i promised you guys something and i willl keep that promise...
please...please always be beside me forever...please.
and God please dont take them away from me...
thats my DOA everyday..


you are so special...
you are so hard to find, hard to be replace..
you know me so well...
i could not find anyone like you..
you accept me for who i am and dont worry, me myself accept you for who you are..
thanx for still holding my hand in front of your friends, your family ..
you think and make me feel like i'm the most beautiful girl..
like you said,
you dont need an account of facebook to show them that we are together..
like you said,
we dont need to celebrate the Valentines Day just because its a loving day to show our love to the loved one
bcoz we definitely love each other everyday and we love more day after day..
no one will ever stand so long with my jealousy, madness and all the prejudices..
your patience, your care, your love make me promise you this,
i'll love you as long as Allah let me live..

in our 2 years journey, we face everything,
we laughing and crying together..
how can i find another guy???
please stay with me like mak, abah and my whole family..

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