21 September 2010


To the one who i wanna talk about...

it is okay if all the readers that come checking up my blog are reading this post,
i do not even care!!
don't u think you are so cruel to us in your class, every time?
don't you know that we did our best to catch up with all the homework given..
you just like don't even care about what we did, our efforts and so on..

you said that we have 1 week to finish your assignment which is to write a paragraph of "something" simple that is only a DRAFT..

1 week including the day of your next class..
it is not like we are not finishing it but i think you are just so mad because we were coming late last week..there is where your professionalism is soooo...low..
we managed to do it in just less that 15 minutes in your class while you checking up the other group, and you called it as a trash??..

how can we come to your class after this..
anyway, the lecturers is always right..

we will show you that we are the best just not see it yet because you are so busy thinking that we are bad, lazy and we will not ever let you think like that again..

just wait and see..

we will get an 'A'!!!!!!

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