21 September 2010

Am i such a @#@!???

its 4.45 am on tuesday morning and i am not sleeping yet..
i have a class tomorrow but i dont fell like im going...
and i guess i will not...
and i dont feel guilty because that is what the devil inside me want..
my other side of an angel???? gone..

Raya break which is 2 weeks made me forgot that i am still a UiTM student..
when i am coming back here the day before yesterday, i thought that my second semester since i further my study(degree) here is just began...
it is a new semester for about you.?? wait...shut up....i dont care..

i have lots of bestfriends when im in secondary school..but i dont have a chance to beraya sakan with them...and im feeling guilty...again...i dont even call my friends when im in hometown..

first day of raya, we celebrated it at Jengka 19 at my grandma's house, my mom's side..
second day, we were at Kampung Sertik (one of the IMAM MUDA on astro prima?? or oasis?? forgot about it, live in the same kampung with me..)

third day of raya, my lovely abah brought me to Cameron HIghland for second times for me, (fifth times for them)...its a great time spending your break with your family and you will wish that you will live with them alwaand you dont have time to think about your study when the strawberry coated with chocolate melting in your mouth...It's great, isn't it?

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