07 April 2012

alam bekerjaya~~

Salam readers (if there's any)..

well...its been a couple of weeks since my last status on Faceb0ok..tetiber lak cakap pasal fb lak kan kat sini..

hehe neway, its nothing.... just becoz of some things that going on lately..i just couldn't accept that it had been about a month since my new semester started and i do have to finish lots and lots of stuff which im not so into it..right now...but i have to...deimm~~

agak jeles bila bukak fb and see posts from my friends that wrote about they got a job, their boss loved em, they got nothing to do, bored in office, yeah all that stuff...if u know what i mean..

its just a question that keep lingering in my mind...when will be my turn to post something like that, when will be the time  when i can be proud of my job...hoho zack...zack....tak perlu rasanya kau nak susah payah pikir hal tu...yup!! betol~~ tapi macam mana nak hilangkan rasa jeles nie!!! 


habiskan study kamu dulu~~   Well this is my mom's answer...and thanx to myself, aku dah merendahkan diri sendiri depan mak aku...tahniah ur mom think that anak sulung dia ni takde wawasan~ senang give up dan semua benda2 negatif yang lain!!! owh tidak~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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