15 March 2012

Dear Future me..

Dear future me,

how are you?

 im 25 right now..

well i guess if you're future me, you must be 35 right? or 45? or maybe 55? offense..

 if you're 85, still have a chance to live in this adventurous-fantastic-challenging world...well i guess in your time now, it must be more challenging or should i say, more messed up? pffft...

lets assume that you're're not? okay2....just imagine that you're 45, LOL....i hope you already have a couple of kids and have a job that you really love...

i just want to remind you about the person that you really love for now at 12.56 pm 15/3/2012.. you've been together with him about..8 months!! he the one that you married right now??.....i hope you will not forget about him...ever!  you wanted him to be your lifemate...and i hope he really many time did i wrote the word "now"?? pffftt again...

if they already invented a time machine, can i ask you a favor, would you come to me right now, or at least give me a sign who is your husband right now? is he the one that i love right now? i meant, when you're still me...LOL..yeah of course you're ME...u knew i meant him right...That juan pablo montoya?? yeahh now you remember...but do you remember about last night, when you said something that you shouldn't say to him? could you ask him to find another girl you stupid #$%#%!! you hurt his should be proud of yourself coz he still love you no matter what...

he doesn't care about your KG!! he doesn't care about your acne scar all over your face!! he doesn't care about you not trying to lose your weight!!  he doesn't care about your obsess to UNO game with your housemates untill you feel lazy to call him (which your tradition every night to call him before he sleep)...he doesn't care of all that...if those matter really important to him, he wouldn't choose you in a first place...he wouldn't say that he love help me a favor, would you use that time machine to come back to last night, and tell him that you love him? pleaseeeee....

well i think i gotta go now....i have an OS class  about an hour from NOW....(if you still remember)..

i'll wait for your reply.... im gonna send this letter? 
STUPID ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truthfully.
Zila villosa de amore la puarte

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