04 February 2013


just got some bad news from someone that i know..its about her marriage..her husband gonna divorce her after live with her about 12 years...its still quite a long time can you do that when u guys already have 3 kids...3 beautiful kids..the older one, i think is about 9 years old.. he said that her wife wasn't his first love..yeah of course...its all because he's seeing someone else...someone that he admitted his first love...its absurd!!!!! i don't get it..i guess I'll never will...if u love someone that u get married to, it means that you're gonna love her/him forever isn't it?

yeah we people always say, "jodoh tak panjang"..but both of you can change seriously can..yeah its easy for me to say though coz im not married yet and i dont have any idea whats gonna happen to me later but i love to remind myself few things that can guide me to have a great relationship with my future hubby...

i really2 feel sad for her..but nothing i can do other than  pray for her happiness..but why?? why this keep on happening to  g0od women like her..its weird when they are so in love before this and their love is not like the picture below..

yeah...their love isn't a forbidden that had blessing from their parents..just because the guy found some other woman that God knows where he knows her, he wanna leave a woman that gave birth to their kids and raise em...

So, ladies, please marry someone that u really love, someone that u really know, someone that never hurt you, someone that u wanna grow old with...make sure you know everything about him, his families, his friends, i mean, their relationship with em...well u would know what type of a guy if u l0oks on how he treats his families and he manages her anger...what he doesn't like, what he hates so much, everything..then u can live with a Muslim, we have our criteria of a guy that we should married to. 

In my case, i found a guy that i believe would be a better husband for me and our kids someday, but if he really not meant for me, i believe he will be a better husband for whom he really belongs to...Its not that i wanna let him go but everything is in Allah's plan...He already planned everything for me so i just gotta go with the flow..

Dear Mohd Azuan bin Sulaiman, you're the one that i hope gonna be my husband that will lead me to jannah...because our fights all along is just lead to one is that we actually love each other...we worries for small things..things that we shouldn't think of...

 its really happened and its funny though...we fight whose love is bigger...who cares better, who jealous better...LOL

im sure ure the one that will lead me to the right way in life, the one that i wanna grow old with is definitely you..


just counting days to the big day...In Sya Allah in two 26...i wanna get married before i turn to be 28!! 

In Sya Allah...Amiinnn....

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