29 January 2012


LOL....dah nak habis bulan january 2012 baru nak sibuk buat entry new year kan zack kan...kuikui..


new year..
new blogger layout..
new hope...
new passion...
new love?? no...
new spirit..
new enemy?? i hope not..
new friends? i hope so... followers?? pleasure!!!

so apa harapan kamu2 semua untuk tahun baru ni...ops by the way, before that, just wanna inform u guys proudly that im 25 years old this year okay!! sangat tua but still worry zack...slow2...kaannn

wish list for this year

*finish my study
*driving license
*balik rumah tiap bulan!!!
*be an honest n loyal lover...ececeh...
*be a better person
*10 kg to be reduced till the end of this year..

what else?? hurm....dah takde kot sebab semuanya dah cukup!!

i have my loving family!! (Juan included)
i have my friends!!
i have myself!! yeah..i love myself!!

ok enough for now...

till my fingers meet this lovely keyboard again~~~

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